Client invoicing

Manage and sell your services from start to finish

An easier way to work with clients so you can focus on delivering services and growing your business.

Simplify your workflow

All your project management tools on one platform. No need to duplicate work, pay for multiple tools, or learn different programs.

Professional branding for your business

Maintain consistent branding across all of your surfaces and client communications, from your website to invoices.

Tools to succeed at every step

Manage every step of your workflow, from building a website and connecting with leads, to getting paid and off-boarding clients.

A laptop sitting atop a desk displays the Squarespace project management dashboard, where users can track client communications, send and receive invoices, and monitor the status of all their projects.

Tools for managing your workflow

Communicate with clients, organize your work, and collect payments—all on Squarespace.

Custom contact form on a website to attract and capture new leads.

Promote your business

Start with a website

Choose a best-in-class designer template or build your own to showcase your services, highlight previous work, and attract new leads.

Squarespace client intake form submission highlights client contact information and enables users to create a new project directly from the submission.

Connect with leads

Client intake forms

Capture leads through an intake form on your site in one simple step. Collect all the information you need to quickly vet and respond to potential clients.

Client CRM

View intake form submissions in Squarespace and start new projects directly from each submission. Plus, collect and store your clients’ information in one place so you can easily market to them in the future.

Coming soon
A custom branded summary of services, including project information and pricing, for potential client review.

Get hired

Proposals, payment schedules, and agreements

Create and share a summary of your services in a branded package to attract customers. Get agreement to your terms, share the payments schedule, and collect deposits.

Squarespace project dashboard highlights upcoming project milestones, important notes, and active invoices.

Stay on top of projects

Project dashboard

Manage your client information, invoices, and tasks in one place. Track progress and recent activity, review important project notes, and create and track invoices.

A Squarespace invoice details services provided and costs owed, designed to match a business’ brand.

Accept payments


Accept payments from clients with a single click and maintain a consistent brand presence with a professional invoice that matches your brand identity.

Create your own portfolio using Reseda, a bold and simply Squarespace template designed to showcase your work and promote your services.

Grow new business

Create a portfolio

Turn finished projects into a portfolio that highlights your skills. Showcase your work on your website alongside client testimonials to attract new clients.

Marketing tools

Use Email Campaigns to offer referral bonuses to customers and explore marketing tools like Unfold or Bio Sites to further promote your business.

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