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Tabletop with fruit and drink
Tabletop with fruit and drink

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Set up your menus, reservations, event calendars, and ecommerce with our restaurant website builder — all in one place.

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Take reservations with Tock

Add reservations, online ordering, and delivery with Tock booking to any page on your site to automate your table management. Or add a contact page for your phone or email to handle your reservations offline.

Sell food online

Add a fully-integrated online store to your restaurant website and instantly sell merchandise, gift cards, or food. We give you everything you need to manage inventory, process orders, and send emails.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I create a restaurant website?

Start with a Squarespace restaurant website template and a custom domain name for your online presence, then add key details such as your hours, location, and contact information. Be sure to also add your menus and upload photos to personalize your site.

What pages should I include on my restaurant website?

Every restaurant website should include pages for each of your menus, ideally with high-quality photos of popular menu items and allergy information to help your customers. Most sites also include pages about contact information, making reservations, ordering online, and private events if offered.

How do I showcase my menu on my website?

Squarespace has prebuilt menu layouts that automatically match your website design, plus drop-down navigation if you have multiple menus. These menu sections are indexable by search engines and easier to edit than your typical PDF file.

Can I take reservations or online orders on my Squarespace website?

Squarespace websites have integrations available with Tock or other table management software to manage reservations online. You can also add a contact page with your phone or email to handle them yourself.

Squarespace is the all‑in‑one platform to build a beautiful website.