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A business website platform that solves for enterprise-level needs

Custom website production

Launch unlimited business websites, managing and analyzing impact with a central dashboard.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Make your marketing site discoverable with built-in SEO tools and one-on-one sessions with a Squarespace SEO expert, maximizing search engine rankings.

Internal communication

Create an intranet or internal site that promotes collaboration across your team, providing a place for documentation, updates, news from leadership, internal directories, and more.

Customize internal site content viewing access with single sign-on (SSO)

Use Squarespace Enterprise to host website content that is visible only to the people you choose. With Squarespace internal sites and self-service SSO options, you can set specific sites and pages to be visible only to select groups of employees.

Contact sales to see how your business can accelerate growth with smooth website production, best-in-class SEO, rigorous security, responsiveness, internal sites, and high-volume business website creation and management.

Manage employee website editing access and security

With single sign-on integrations, employees can readily log into Squarespace with authentication through our approved partnerships with Google, Okta, Azure, Classlink, and more.

Learn more about our SSO options

Customized drafting options

Experiment with unpublished sites or iterate on drafts of existing, live pages and launch when you’re ready.

Employee permissions

Quickly assign employee editing and publishing permissions from a centralized dashboard.

Explore how brands use Squarespace

A screenshot from a Squarespace Enterprise promotional video displaying a smiling woman with curly hair working on a laptop. On the left side, there is bold text stating 'Get to Know Squarespace Enterprise' above the Squarespace logo.
A screenshot from a Squarespace Enterprise promotional video displaying a smiling woman with curly hair working on a laptop. On the left side, there is bold text stating 'Get to Know Squarespace Enterprise'.

Simplified website production

Leverage Squarespace’s library of award-winning, customizable design templates or build out templates specific to your brand to launch websites quickly and without engineers.

Streamline workflows and keep your team organized with custom site tags and pinning.

Security & Reliability


Squarespace Enterprise is one of the most reliable and responsive business website solutions available. Cloud hosting and 99.9% uptime means more traffic and engagement for your website.


Squarespace has passed our SOC 2 audit, demonstrating a commitment to a rigorous security control environment and high standards for customer data protection and management.


Our team of experts can partner with your brand, answering any Squarespace security questions, and providing you with Squarespace’s latest risk and cybersecurity policies and best practices.

What can Squarespace Enterprise do for your brand?

Squarespace Enterprise is focused on providing your team with the tools to get up and running.

Single sign-on integration

Integrate your existing SSO provider with Squarespace Enterprise. Our SSO offerings include:

  • Approved partnerships with Okta, Google, Azure, Classlink, and more.
  • Automated provisioning and de-provisioning through SCIM API endpoints.
  • OAuth 2.0, OpenID, and SAML supported.

Enterprise Account Dashboard

See what’s happening across all company-owned sites with an enterprise-level dashboard. The Enterprise Account Dashboard is a centralized spot for you to manage your account. Team admins can enable role and permission changes in bulk or per site from the dashboard. You can tailor the dashboard for your brand’s needs with pins and custom tags, allowing you to highlight websites your team is actively working on, websites based on a particular type of content or business objective or project status, websites assigned to a particular team member, and more.

SSL certificates

Squarespace Enterprise, you can encrypt your website with trusted communications protocols to keep your business website data safe and secure.

Unlimited storage

Your website’s responsiveness, agility, and speed is the top priority. With unlimited bandwidth and storage usage, your business website can operate at optimal speed and efficiency.

Dedicated account manager

As a Squarespace Enterprise customer, you have access to support teams focused on helping your brand achieve your specific goals. The account manager is your point of contact, providing ongoing support, sharing product updates and best practices, and connecting you with other experts at Squarespace.

SEO training

Squarespace helps millions of websites stand out with best-in-class SEO tools. and in-house SEO experts. With the Enterprise plan, your brand can also opt for personalized SEO consultations. Squarespace SEO experts can focus on customized recommendations to help you attract the right audience to your website(s) and offer best practices. Ongoing SEO support is available.

Design advice

At Squarespace, we believe design is the ultimate competitive advantage. We’re focused on building products that allow businesses of any size to thrive. In addition to a full library of industry-leading templates, your brand can work directly with Squarespace UX and web designers to bring your brand vision to life.

White-glove tech support and product training

From development best practices and advice on third-party integrations to quality assurance (QA) testing, Squarespace Enterprise offers tailored product training sessions on all things Squarespace for your team.

Talk to our team

Chat with us about how Squarespace Enterprise can streamline website production for your company.

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Background image of various tech objects on desk with real estate website opened on iPad
Background image of various tech objects on desk with real estate website opened on iPad

Want to manage hundreds of websites?

Learn more about Enterprise bulk solutions.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between Squarespace and Squarespace Enterprise?

Squarespace offers comprehensive website solutions for solo entrepreneurs and large companies and teams alike. Enterprise customers enjoy the award-winning design and seamless editing functionality that Squarespace is known for, with additional features that robust businesses need. With a Squarespace Enterprise subscription, you unlock access to account dashboards for enhanced organization and collaboration options ideal for large- scale website projects. More perks of being a Squarespace Enterprise customer include custom business website templates, website drafting functionality (including unrestricted website trials), design consultations, private product training, SEO training, security evaluations, quality assurance testing, integrated SSO, account management, and priority email support.

How much do Enterprise solutions cost?

Contact us for a quote on a custom Enterprise package tailored to your business needs.

Do you offer a bulk purchase plan?

Squarespace Enterprise offers bulk pricing that scales with your business growth. Volume plans start at 25+ websites and allow you to manage website purchases and renewals with consolidated billing. See how Squarespace Enterprise solves for Barn2Door’s high-volume needs.

What languages are available with an Enterprise plan?

Squarespace is based in the United States and available internationally. However, account management and all premium services included with Enterprise plans are only available in English at this time. Enterprise plans are charged by invoice in any of Squarespace’s accepted currencies.

Are Squarespace Enterprise templates customizable?

Templates are a helpful starting point for important projects like internal sites, landing pages, blogs, and more. Your team can customize templates based on your unique brand needs, too. Your custom templates can also be shared with your team members, so no matter how many websites you create, everything is undeniably on brand.

How does Squarespace Enterprise compare to working with an outside agency?

Squarespace Enterprise gives your team the ability to create stunning, thoughtfully designed websites with SaaS efficiency. Your team is able to leverage professionally designed templates, and you don’t need an engineer to build out the rest, saving time and resources. Design flexibility with templates and drafting options, built-in security, design and SEO consultations, and a dedicated support team makes Squarespace Enterprise the most efficient solution for business website production. Additionally, as a Squarespace Enterprise client, you will have an account management partner to get you started, and provide ongoing priority support.